Washing Instructions

Here you will find all the information you need regarding our Washing Instructions. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us here.

Washing Instructions

The advice below is intended only as a guide, it is based upon previous experience and the wash tests we perform on all new fabrics before they are included in our range. Costumes are washed at your own risk and we cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused during the laundering process.

TURN GARMENTS INSIDE OUT wherever possible before washing.

DO NOT DRY CLEAN ANY COSTUMES. There is no guarantee as to which chemicals will be used or the reactions they will have.

DO NOT TUMBLE DRY ANY COSTUMES. The heat is likely to affect both the special finishes and, in time, the elastic fibres which are a part of all of our lycra type fabrics.

NEVER DRIP DRY VERY WET COSTUMES. Colours may run into each other.

ALWAYS USE A NON BIOLOGICAL, GENTLE DETERGENT. Biological detergent will dull even the most resilient of metallic finishes.

MIXED FABRICS. If you are only dealing with one type of fabric in one colour things are simplified but more often than not there is a mix of fabrics in a costume. If this is the case you will need to consider each of the characteristics of the fabrics you are dealing with and wash according to the most delicate.

WASHING DARK & LIGHT COLOURS TOGETHER. As with all types of fabric this can be a challenge and should be avoided where possible! If you have no choice, keep the water cool and include a “colour catcher” with the costumes. AVOID SOAKING COSTUMES unless it’s in a cold salt water soak, NO DETERGENT, for a few minutes before washing. This can help to fix dyes.

Plain lycra

We recommend

  • Warm hand wash in non biological hand washing detergent.
  • Short or medium spin to remove excess water.
  • Line dry.
  • But… a 30 degree machine wash with a normal spin cycle is usually fine for less delicate uniform type garments without special finishes or fancy net skirts.

Metallic foil finishes

  • Warm hand wash in non biological hand washing detergent.
  • Short or medium spin to remove excess water.
  • Line dry.

Glitter and sequin finishes including fancy nets and meshes

  • Very gentle warm hand wash in non biological hand wash detergent.
  • Never scrub or wring the costumes. Loose glitter will wash off , this is unavoidable.
  • Roll in a dry towel and gently squeeze away excess water. Do not Spin.
  • Line dry.

Plain tutu net

Avoid washing wherever possible as a “dressing” is applied to all of these nets to add stiffness. It is not water resistant and all but the gentlest of washing will result in limp net.

If you have to launder the costume, try to hand wash just the bits of the costume that need it. Follow the guidelines above for the type of fabric that the part of the costume you are washing is made in.

Avoid wetting skirts whenever possible. If they have to be washed just dip them gently into a bath full of warm water and mild non-biological detergent, then rinse in plain water in the same way. DO NOT WRING SCRUB OR SQUEEZE. Shake off excess water and hang them upside down over the bath and let them drip dry (unless the colours are likely to run into each other, see above).

To add body once dry, gently separate the net layers from one another. Pull them gently but firmly apart at the point at which they are sewn or gathered together.

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